Wireless (Wi-Fi) for Organisations

In todays world, most people want to be able to work mobile, whether that’s with Laptops, Tablets or even Mobile Phones.

Wi-Fi to organisations has never been more important than right now, it’s a very attractive technology, untethering your users devices, meaning they can work mobile, it opens up the opportunity for hot-desking and makes life easier for managing user connections, there’s no requirement to patch ports, update VLANS or even get new data connections run in each time a department needs to change their layout.

However, what many don’t realise is the downsides that Wi-Fi can bring to the surface. An incorrectly configured wireless network can compromise network security, user experience and their productivity and efficiency.

And Wireless Troubles can be ever more complicated to troubleshoot due to the types of client devices, different access points and ever changing RF environment.

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Wireless Design

Whilst many think that Wi-Fi is as simple as plugging in an access point and leaving the software to do the rest, that is a sure fire way to give yourself future headaches.

Access Points need to be positioned and installed correctly to get the most out of them, and that is just the start, it’s important to ensure that there is little to no channel interference, that your data rates are set properly and that your getting the very best out of the network for each client device.

We use the latest and greatest software paired with market leading training to ensure that when we design your Wireless Network, we are giving your organisation the very best shot at unlocking the potential of Wi-Fi.

Theoretical Design

  • Type, Quantity and Position of APs Provided
  • No Requirement for Site to be Built
  • Fast and Prompt Design
  • Low Cost
  • Higher Risk due to No Site Visit

APoS (AP-on-a-Stick)

  • Type, Quantity and Position of APs Provided
  • Detailed, Most Accurate Design
  • 100% Full Wi-Fi Coverage
  • Higher Design Cost
  • Higher On-Site Time

Wireless Troubleshooting

Alongside our design consultancy, we provide bespoke troubleshooting services. Wi-Fi is a Radio Frequency (RF) based technology, and that means it is not only subject to the normal networking troubles such as routing, switching and even DNS it is also susceptible to interference, reflections and absorptions.

We have market leading testing equipment from the likes of Ekahau to assist in troubleshooting wireless issues from captive portals through to the physical spectrum.

Wireless Support

With ever more users connected over Wi-Fi, we are seeing a rise like never before in Wireless based issues causing backlogs in support desks. That’s why we offer our Wireless Support that is bespoke to your organisations needs, whether on an ad-hoc basis or you need a wireless expert on speed-dial.

In addition to our flexible addition to your in-house support, we offer WaaS (Wi-Fi as a Service)