CNIDP Certified Network Infrastructure Design & Consultancy

Your organisation is dependant on having a stable and secure network, it allows your organisation to operate. And with the rapid migration of systems such as Access Control, CCTV and Building Management Systems to the IP Network, having a well thought-out, resilient and future-proof network has never been more important.

Infrastructure design and consultancy involve more than simply installing network infrastructure, our team work with you to establish your organisation’s current requirements and your proposed future requirements.

From this, we can accurately identify the best network infrastructure to install, from the number of cable drops required and their locations to the Category of twisted-pair cabling that best suits your needs and the backbone fibre optic infrastructure to support it.

Retrospectively upgrading your network infrastructure is costly, carrying out works within a live environment impacts the productiveness of your staff, making out of hours works hugely beneficial – However, this comes at an increased cost. This is why it’s so important to get the network design correct at the build stage.