IT Network Infrastructure Audit

The infrastructure that keeps your network running doesn’t often get much of a look.

Cabinets are often hidden away in rooms that don’t get much attention, cables are hidden in ceilings and trunking systems so they also don’t get much of a look.

Both of those things are for the right reasons, cabinets and cables should be kept away from arms reach of unauthorised personnel and cables, they pose both operational and information security risks if people can get to them.

What do we audit?

Our IT Network Infrastructure Audits are incredibly powerful for organisations planning either a network refresh or when organisations acquire other organisations.

We undertake several assessments and audit tasks to gather the health and status of the network infrastructure, from identifying the quality and type of backbone infrastructure, providing network topologies, auditing cabinet power and management all the way through to the horizontal cabling which connects your user devices.

Backbone Infrastructure

The backbone infrastructure is not only what keeps your cabinets connected, but also your clients connected to the rest of the network.

It’s imperative that these links are designed and installed with availability and bandwidth in mind.
During our audit, we work to understand the Layer 1 Backbone Installation.

Network Cabinets

Network Cabinets are the housing of crucial network hardware, within our audits, we’ll provide a detailed plan of your network cabinets, where they are, what devices are enclosed and how they’re powered – among many other metrics!

Horizontal Infrastructure

Whilst the Backbone and Network Cabinets are crucial, the cables that can make all the difference is the horizontal infrastructure.

During our audit, we will investigate the current quality and quantity of network cabling that goes from the cabinet to the user devices.