Northamptonshire based Fibre Optic Installers and Certification Specialists

Fibre optic cabling is traditionally utilised to provide the backbone of your network infrastructure. However, for this reason, it is also the most important to be correctly designed and installed.

The backbone of an infrastructure is possibly the most important aspect of any network, without it, data cannot get from cabinet to cabinet, and without that your network ceases to function.

With todays bandwidth needs ever growing, Wireless Access Points demanding multi-gig connectivity, software applications downloading and uploading more data and even documents becoming ever greater in size, it’s no surprise that every network needs a scalable, high-bandwidth backbone.

Nene Data Network Solutions are leading Fibre Optic Installers, conducting installations throughout the nation for a wide range of organisations.

Benefits of Fibre Optic Cabling

Fibre Optic Cable has many benefits over traditional twisted-pair copper cabling, such as:
  • Higher Potential Bandwidth over a single cable, the benefit of this is you do not need to aggregate costly switch ports. This saves you a lot of time and money.
  • Range – Fibre Optic Cables can run for very long distances, this allows you to carry data throughout your building between cabinets without having to worry about length.
  • Robust Design – Fibre Optic Cabling comes in a wide range of options, with its ability to run internally, externally and even direct buried it’s a very versatile cable with very little competitors.
  • Not Susceptible to Electromagnetic Interference – Because Fibre optic cabling utilises LEDs and lasers, it is not susceptible to EMI, this makes it much faster to install and can run in close proximity to power cabling that twisted pair cabling cannot, reducing installation costs.

Fibre Optic Installers

Nene Data Network Solutions have been installing fibre optic cabling systems for over 15 Years, from the early days of Fibre Optic Technology right up to today, with cutting edge fusion splicing.

All of our installation engineers have Fibre Optic Qualifications, ensuring that they understand the benefits, requirements and hazards of working with fibre optic cables. Not only do we install fibre optic systems, but we also work to troubleshoot, diagnose and maintain fibre optic cables.

With some fibre optic cables being only 9microns in diameter, working with them is no mean feat, it requires attention to detail, precision tooling and the right team to carry out a successful installation.

Fibre Optic Design and Consultancy

It’s not just the installation that is crucial though, ensuring that the right type of fibre optic cable is installed is just as important.

With a variety of types and construction of cables available, our design team will work with you to understand your organisations needs for today and tomorrow and design the right system.

As the fibre optic system is often the backbone of your network, it is often also the case that resilience needs to be built into the design, fibre optic cables can be fragile, one wrong move can take down an entire leg of your network!

Considering a Fibre Optic Installation?

Download our latest paper, Unlocking your Organisations Potential with Fibre Optic Cabling.

Within it, you will understand the key considerations when designing, deploying and maintaining a fibre optic network