Commercial CCTV Solutions

Protecting your organisations property and personnel is a complex and unique requirement that troubles organisations both small and large.

We work with organisations of all sizes to design, install, maintain and support cutting edge CCTV Systems.

We specialise in IP CCTV Systems that work across your organisations network and network cabling and integrate with your other building management systems such as your access control systems.

We work in a variety of environments, from warehousing and production through to schools and universities. All share one thing in common, the CCTV needs to be robust, installed and maintained.

CCTV Functionality

Cameras come in all shapes and sizes, and when it comes to designing and deploying your organisations CCTV System we work to understand your needs, challenges and objectives. We deploy Pan, Tilt & Zoom Cameras, Thermal Imaging, Fisheye all the way through to standard Dome, Bullet and Turret cameras.

It’s not just the lenses and housings anymore, with AI paving the way for smart detection, from object detection and classification to scanning text and barcodes, it’s quite scary what can be achieved!

CCTV isn’t just about video footage, it’s about unlocking the data that is collected and using it for the organisations growth.

Why Nene Data Network Solutions

We aren’t a conventional CCTV and Security Systems installer, we’re networking experts and therefore data is our bread and butter. When it comes to CCTV, we’re not about just getting video footage, we focus on unlocking the data within it to push your organisation forwards, whether that’s spotting opportunities and threats before they’re obvious or using the data captured to trigger other events such as raising alarms or triggering barriers!

NDAA Compliance

In todays world, everything sits on the network, and that’s why it’s more important than ever that even edge devices such as CCTV cameras are compliant with your organisations cyber-security objectives.

We work with manufacturers that are NDAA Compliant, ensuring that your business isn’t opening any doors to unwanted threats.

Get Started

If you need assistance in designing, installing and maintaining a new CCTV for your organisation, pick up the phone and speak with one of our experts today!