Business Wi-Fi Installations

With evermore devices becoming wireless, and staff not wanting to be tied to any single location, the need for Wi-Fi in business has never been stronger.

However, Wi-Fi is more varied in an enterprise wireless network than your typical home network, with an array of devices, authentication types and environments, the design and deployment of Business Wi-Fi should be left to the experts.

We’ve been installing Wi-Fi since we started, from Education to Offices, Warehouses to Hospitals, we’ve done it everywhere, because in reality, every organisation has a need for Wi-Fi.

Indoor Wi-Fi, Outdoor Wi-Fi?

  • Indoor Wi-Fi
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi
  • Point to Point Wireless Link

Indoor Wi-Fi is the most common, we have seen a huge growth in in organisations providing staff with mobile devices, from mobile phones through to tablets and laptops now roaming around the building, indoor Wi-Fi is needed more than ever.

We deploy Wireless Networks to ensure that all necessary areas have the wireless coverage they need. However, it’s not just the coverage you have to worry about, our solutions are designed to consider the high-performance and high capacity wireless needs many organisations require, whilst not compromising on secure Wi-Fi.

Not all Wi-Fi needs are internal, we have deployed hundreds (if not thousands) of external Wireless Access Points. From car parks to football pitches each installation poses its unique challenges.

However, our engineering team have decades of experience in installing access points in many weird and wonderful locations.

Whilst we specialise in designing and installing high-bandwidth fibre optic links between buildings, Point to Points offer an alternative backbone, or for some, a redundant link between buildings.

Using the same principles of Wi-Fi, we can deploy quickly a Wireless Point to Point link to link buildings without the need for costly digs and long installation times.

We have deployed several kilometre long links across cities to provide organisations with redundant links for high availability situations.

Now of course, some businesses require a combination of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi, and that’s perfectly possible, with many of the vendors we work with, both internal and external access points are available.

Our Wi-Fi Installation Steps to Success




As with everything, it’s all in the prep work, our design team will work with you to ensure there is a suitable Wireless Design in place ahead of installation.



Once the design is in place, it’s time for the magic, access points are configured for our installation engineers to carry out the on-site deployment and initial checks.



Following successful deployment, our wireless specialists will visit and complete a full verification to ensure the deployment is fully operational and working to your needs.

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