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Positioned as a frontrunner in the blown fibre market, we operate from our base in Northamptonshire, extending our unparalleled services across the entire nation. Our forte lies in seamlessly integrating innovative blown fibre systems, meticulously crafted to suit diverse environments. From expansive warehouses and bustling manufacturing units to the critical settings of schools and hospitals, our reach spans every vertical.

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Blown Fibre Benefits

The core advantage of blown fibre lies in its forward-thinking nature. In a world where technology is evolving rapidly, often with an average lifespan of just 3 to 5 years, blown fibre stands as a gamechanger. Blown fibre ingeniously separates the two critical components: the protective tubing and the fibre itself. This simple yet revolutionary distinction holds tremendous abilities and opportunities.

When the time comes to replace your existing fibre infrastructure or to expand bandwidth with additional fibres, blown fibre effortlessly steps in. The result? A process that dramatically slashes labour requirements, translating to substantial cost savings for your organisation.

Prepare your network for the future with blown fibre installation – where innovation, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness converge to shape a connectivity solution like no other.

Blown Fibre Environments

Many people fear that blown fibre cabling doesn’t suit their environment or organisation, however, similar to traditional fibre optic cabling, blown fibre cabling seamlessly adapts to various environments. However, its true potential shines in scenarios where adaptability is paramount. We’ve discovered blown fibre’s true value surfaces in settings prone to change or where conventional installation proves cumbersome, potentially disrupting day-to-day operations.

The remarkable advantage of air-blown fibres lies in their ability to be effortlessly installed cabinet tocabinet, all while circumventing the need for ceiling tile removal, utility cover lifting, or the hassle of needing to vacate offices and meeting rooms.

This streamlined process empowers you to enhance your network’s capabilities without encumbering your operational flow.

Experience the transformative potential of blown fibre systems, breaking down barriers to progress and ushering in a new era of connectivity that aligns seamlessly with your organisation’s growth.

Blown Fibre Systems

With a wealth of expertise, we’ve successfully deployed systems from industry giants like Emtelle, Prysmian, and Excel’s Enbeam. Chances are high that we’re well-acquainted with your preferred vendor, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience.
Our installation engineers are the driving force behind our proficiency. Armed with extensive experience across the spectrum of blown fibre installations, they are true experts in the field.
Equipped with an array of blowing heads, blowing compressors, and a range of ancillary accessories, we possess the tools necessary to execute installations spanning short to long-haul links. Whether your project encompasses a bustling construction site or a bustling office space, our capabilities remain unmatched.
Rely on us to not only navigate the intricate blown fibre landscape but to guide you towards an installation that aligns seamlessly with your specific needs, preferences, and preferred vendors. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your connectivity goals are achieved with precision and