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Unlike previous generations, this isn't set and forget!

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A New Frequency Joins Wi-Fi

Welcome to 6GHz

We’ve been using the two frequency spaces we were given for Wi-Fi for a number of years now, and with ever growing issues of channel interference and ever growing need for higher data rates, we have finally been rewarded with a new frequency. 6GHz is now open for us, as from Wi-Fi 6E.


Wi-Fi 6E in the UK gives us an additional 25 Channels and an array of security improvements, but implementing them is not a set-and-forget! With mandatory requirements that not all client devices are capable of, you can’t simply set and hope for the best!


Download our free guide today which talks about the additions we get and the caveats you need to be aware of!

WPA3 Has Finally Arrived

Security has never been a hotter topic and with organisations pushing Wi-Fi as their primary means of LAN Connectivity, a security improvement was much needed.


Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7, when it arrives have implemented new additional Wi-Fi Security Mechanisms, from WPA3 through to Management Frame Protection (MFP), these features hugely improve the network security, however require some consideration before their implementation. Not all client devices support WPA3 or MFP.

WPA3 Security for Wi-Fi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wi-Fi 6E is a generation of Wi-Fi that was ratified in 2020, it became an adaption to the existing 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 Generation.

Wi-Fi 6 itself brought in some great additions for Wi-Fi, but despite Wi-Fi 6 having a 6 in the name, it’s only capable of 2.4GHz and 5GHz Frequencies, which changes with Wi-Fi 6E, giving us access to some of the 6GHz Frequency Space for Wi-Fi transmissions.

We have gained a huge array of security features, in our eyes, WPA3 and OWE are great additions, but we now also have a mandatory requirement of enabling something rather fancy called Management Frame Protection.

WPA2 has been the standard for quite some time now, and because it’s been around for a while, the security vulnerabilities are very well known, WPA3 and Wi-Fi 6 by its nature remove those.

Wi-Fi 6E is a bit of a beast, it’s the combination of the features we gained from Wi-Fi 6, but with utilising the 6GHz frequency space we now have mandatory requirements, we have to use MFP, and WPA3. Sometimes though, these features can’t just be enabled on 6GHz, which means with one wrong press, we’re turning features on for 5GHz networks, which is great for security, less so great if your client devices don’t quite support them!

Sure, people are bringing ‘Wi-Fi 7’ devices to market, and that is great, we really love seeing the technology move, and move quickly! But… it should be noted that the actual standard is yet to be ratified. And whilst it brings some great features, a lot of them won’t be used for some time, heck MFP was ratified in 2009 and it’s only now mandatory.

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