Hik-Connect Setup | Discontinuation of HIDDNS

08 May 2017

HiDDNS was a Dynamic DNS service provided free of charge to Hikvision users, it allowed for easy remote viewing without the need to continually update the external IP address. Hikvision noticed that this was a core piece of their user base and have now decided to migrate to Hik-Connect. Hik-Connect is now hosted on Amazon’s AWS platform which allows them to leverage their state of the art security. However, configuring Hik-Connect is a little more involved than it’s predecessor however we’ve put together a small guide to help you through the process.

Updating Firmware

Due to the Hik-Connect being a new addition to their software, you will be required to update the firmware on your device. For demonstration purposes we are using our demonstration NVR, model DS-7716NI-I4. Prior to updating the firmware, we recommend you do take a backup of any critical footage and/or device parameters. We recommend you make note of the serial number and port configuration as you will need this later on. This information is viewable under the web GUI of your device, on our device we navigate to Configuration >> System >> System Settings >> Basic Information to identify our existing Firmware Version, Device Model and Serial Number, we will need to use this to identify the firmware download we need. To identify port configuration, we navigate to Network >> Basic Settings >> Port. Once settings have been noted you need to identify and download the latest firmware for your device from Hikvisions Website.

Once you have identified the Firmware and crosschecked the supported models download and extract the .dav file and locate it where it is easy to find.

You can then navigate to Configuration >> System >> Maintenance and under “Upgrade” select “Browse”, you can then select the .dav file we extracted previously. Then select “Upgrade”. The device will automatically start the upgrade procedure and once complete the unit will reboot. It is important to note that whilst this process takes place the CCTV Solution will cease to function. Once the reboot has completed the online GUI will reload and you are ready to move on to the next step.


Now our unit has been updated to the latest firmware and has the latest features, including Hik-Connect, we need to activate the services on the device(s). To do this we will navigate using the web-based GUI to Configuration >> Network >> Advanced Settings >> Platform Access and ensure that it is enabled and the “Platform Access Mode” is set to Hik-Connect, we will then ensure that the “Server Address” is ‘dev.eu.hik-connect.com’ and press “Save”.

We now need to register an account with Hik-Connect, to do this navigate using your browser to hik-connect.com and register for an account.

Once logged in you will have no devices, to add your device(s) select “Device Management” and then select “Add”.

It will request for the “Device Serial No.”, we made note of this prior to our update, the serial number is 9 digits long and is located towards the end of the string of text within the box. It is found just before the feature codes.

Once entered, press “Search” and wait for it to locate your device, it will then request a “Verification Code” to locate this you will need to login to the GUI of the device, in our case we need to use a monitor plugged into the video output feed of our NVR, you will then need to open the Menu and navigate to Configuration >> Network >> Platform Access, here you will find the Verification Code, enter this on the web page and the device will be added.

Now, all we require is to provision our mobile and desktop applications to login with our new Hik-Connect credentials.


For mobile applications, we recommend using Hikvision i-VMS4500 which is available for both iOS & Android Operating Systems. Once installed, open the application and select the Menu in the top right. Then navigate to “Hik-Connect”. Once this menu has opened you will be prompted to login, fill in the login details you created earlier. Once logged in you will be presented with the device(s) bound to this account, simply select the device you wish to view and select “Live View” at the bottom.