Optimising Wi-Fi & Cost Saving at Education Personnel Management

18 June 2024

Client Profile:

Company Overview

Education Personnel Management (EPM) are a business that are at the forefront of helping schools and trusts by delivering class leading HR, Finance, Payroll, Training and other services. With over 30 years of experience in this industry and over 2,500 clients, their commitment to providing the best experience for their clients shows.

Challenges Before Collaboration

The primary issues the company was dealing with included the closure of an office building and poor Wi-Fi performance. The unreliable internet connection was particularly problematic, as it caused disruptions during crucial customer interactions. This situation necessitated immediate intervention to ensure that their operations could continue smoothly and efficiently.

Project Scope

Nene Data was brought on board to address these pressing issues. The project scope involved relocating fibre cabling and improving the overall Wi-Fi performance in the remaining office buildings. This was a critical project as it not only aimed to enhance connectivity but also to streamline the company’s infrastructure following the closure of one of its offices.

Solutions Provided

Nene Data undertook the task of moving the existing cabling to support the new infrastructure requirements. This involved meticulous planning and execution to ensure minimal disruption to the company’s operations. Additionally, Nene Data implemented solutions to significantly improve the Wi-Fi performance across the remaining office buildings. This included Nene Data Network Solutions supplying and installing additional switching and wireless equipment and optimising the existing network to ensure robust and reliable connectivity.

Project Goals

The primary goals of this project were clear. First, to facilitate the removal of one office building from the company’s operations without affecting their service quality. Second, to enhance the Wi-Fi performance in the remaining two buildings to support seamless business activities. Achieving these goals was essential for maintaining operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Why Us?

The client chose Nene Data for this project based on their past positive experiences. Nene Data had previously demonstrated a high standard of work and came highly recommended. The client trusted their expertise and commitment to quality, which led to their selection without considering other vendors.

Implementation Process

The implementation process was notably smooth. Nene Data managed the relocation of cabling and the enhancement of Wi-Fi performance without encountering significant hurdles. The team’s expertise and careful planning ensured that the transition was seamless and that the connectivity improvements were effectively implemented.

Communication and Collaboration

The collaboration between the client’s team and Nene Data was exemplary. Communication was clear and effective, facilitating a smooth workflow. The client appreciated the superb teamwork and had no complaints about the process. The professional approach and knowledge of Nene Data’s team members were highly valued.

Measurable Results and Impact

Post-implementation, the company saw immediate improvements in their connectivity. The Wi-Fi performance in both buildings was significantly enhanced, allowing for uninterrupted business operations. Additionally, the closure of one building resulted in considerable cost savings, as the company could now operate efficiently with fewer resources.

Overall Experience

The client’s overall experience working with Nene Data was extremely positive. They described the collaboration as excellent and expressed their willingness to work with Nene Data again in the future. Special mention was made of Josh, who provided clear and helpful explanations regarding the Wi-Fi issues, further cementing the client’s trust in Nene Data’s expertise.


The client highly recommends Nene Data’s services to other companies. They praised the professionalism and extensive knowledge of the team, which ensured a high-quality outcome. Their satisfaction with the project underscores Nene Data’s ability to deliver effective and reliable solutions.

Future Collaboration

While there are no immediate projects planned, the client sees potential for future collaborations, particularly for additional networking cabling. They value the partnership with Nene Data and anticipate working together on new initiatives as opportunities arise.

In The Clients Words

The client was able to speak very highly of us on this job due to us being able to identify the issues that they were having extremely quickly, as the client has said, “Yes professional at all times and great knowledge which leads to a high quality job.”


This case study illustrates how Nene Data successfully addressed and resolved significant connectivity issues for a longstanding client in the educational sector. By enhancing Wi-Fi performance and relocating cabling, Nene Data enabled the client to improve operational efficiency and achieve cost savings. The client’s high level of satisfaction and recommendation of Nene Data’s services highlight the positive impact of this collaboration.

Craig Lee

IT Support Analyst

Having previously worked with Nene Data Network Solutions we had no concerns with the quality of work that would be provided, we would highly recommend Nene Data Network Solutions to anyone considering upgrading any part of their network, a special mention has to be given to Josh, for his outstanding knowledge in the issues we were facing along with his extensive knowledge into Wi-Fi and how he managed to talk us through every process while reassuring us that there was a solution to our problems.
With Nene Data Network Solution’s help, we have been able to finally close a building that we no longer needed which now means that we are saving money due to them, if we need any work done in the future we wouldn’t hesitate when it comes to choosing Nene Data Network Solutions.

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