Commsave Credit Union

20 October 2023

The Move to a New Office – Electrical and Network Installation

Client Profile:

Commsave Credit Union, one of the UK’s largest credit unions, boasts an impressive membership of over 34,000 individuals. Their commitment to their members provides great synergy between them and our commitment to ourclients.

The Challenge:

When Commsave embarked on the fit-out of their new office building, they faced the monumental task of setting up their new office ready for the unique needs of the credit union, this included an extensive power and network infrastructure installation; alongside a secure access control solution. The vision was clear: to not only meet current demands but to establish a technological framework that would get them ready for future growth.

Innovative Solutions Unveiled:

Our team embraced the challenge with the assistance of our cutting-edge design package. This allowed us to conceptualize and present to Commsave their future electrical and network cabling installation.

Technological Leap:

The advanced technology harnessed at this crucial stage instilled confidence in Commsave. It provided Commsave with the assurance that our planning and execution were second to none.

Network Cabling Excellence:

Our meticulous network cabling strategy ensured seamless connectivity throughout the building. Every cable, every connection, was strategically positioned to optimize efficiency and redundancy for the organisation.

Electrical Mastery:

The electrical installation was orchestrated with precision, guaranteeing a robust power supply that could effortlessly support the demands of a modern financial institution.

Access Control Brilliance:

Security is a large part of the financial market, and therefore a sophisticated access control system was integrated, providing a secure environment that safeguarded sensitive information and assets, without compromising accessibility for authorized personnel.

The Result:

The successful integration of these critical elements as part of our network solution offering that now stands as a testament to Commsave Credit Union’s dedication to their members and the safeguards they have in place.


This project exemplifies our unwavering commitment to delivering solutions that not only meet client needs but propel them to new heights. Commsave Credit Union’s vision for their new office was not only met but exceeded, solidifying their position as a leader in the financial industry.

Sam Kerney

Information Risk and
Security Manager

The service Nene Data Network Solutions have provided has been nothing short of exceptional.

Nene Data were invited to quote for a large power and network project for our new office building and from just the initial project design and consultancy stages, they were heads and shoulders above the rest. The level of technology employed at just this stage made us confident that the project was scoped and planned correctly. (each room was digitally modelled for the works needed and where things would be installed, moved and costed for accordingly etc).

As the project progressed our company raised additional needs that Nene Data were also able to accommodate and we found them extremely adaptable in our all our requirements for cost and timings and delivered on schedule to their original timeframe, even with our extras!

The team were a pleasure to work with and would absolutely use them again in the future 🙂