Hevey – Building Supplies

22 September 2023

Who are Hevey Building Supplies?

Hevey Building Supplies, a distinguished name among specialist builders merchants, proudly boasts four branches strategically situated across the Midlands. Catering to a diverse clientele with an expansive range of products, they cater to projects of all scales, each with unique site prerequisites.

From fundamental building materials and timber to kitchens and essential plumbing and electrical supplies, Hevey Building Supplies stands as a cornerstone for local construction enterprises, consistently enhancing their operational capabilities.

Our Involvement

As Hevey embarked on a new business acquisition, the need for a robust and operational network emerged as a paramount concern. This is where Nene Data Network Solutions, an expert in the field, stepped in with decisive action. 

Our proficiency proved pivotal as we swiftly orchestrated the deployment of an entirely new network infrastructure. The process was meticulously guided by our on-site design consultancy, ensuring a seamless transition encompassing Layer 1 through to Layer 3. Notably, we carried out the installation of new Category 6 Network Cabling to align with the new requirements, and backed this up with the required network hardware.

Since that pivotal moment, Hevey Building Supplies has consistently entrusted Nene Data Network Solutions to fulfil a spectrum of critical requirements. Our engagement has expanded to include our comprehensive suite of services, ranging from Fibre Optic and Copper Cabling installations to Electrical setups, strategically implemented across various sites in the Midlands.

Moreover, our expertise truly shines through in our role as network consultants. We adeptly identified and addressed persistent intermittent networking challenges that had previously evaded their incumbent IT Support providers. Our efforts culminated in delivering a stable network environment, a catalyst for scaling their business efficiency with confidence.

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