Wireless Solutions (Wi-Fi) that work for You

What can a Wireless Solution offer my Organisation?

Wireless networking (Wi-Fi) has grown dramatically in recent times, with a huge growth in the handheld technology market there is now a huge demand for wireless networks to be easily accessible, reliable and feature rich in every enviroment, from on-boarding portals and Dynamic Pre-Shared Keys to location services, Wireless is making great advances.
However it is not only consumers that benefit hugely from wireless networks, with the rise of organisations implementing Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policies to increase employee productivity and to reduce hardware costs, businesses are starting to understand the reasons to choose wireless.

The ability to provide network access to multiple users without impeding network security provides the answer many companies desire, with integration with an Active Directory server, wireless systems aid the automation many IT departments crave. But why choose NDE to solve your problems?

Nene Data & Electrical Ltd have a huge history in wireless systems, our engineers have deployed wireless systems in every environment imaginable, from GP surgeries, manufacturing facilities and warehouses to schools and even MOD projects.

When considering a wireless network it is important to consider all of the options involved, however many large questions trouble many customers of ours before our first survey, here are the most common questions:

How do I ensure I get full coverage?
How many access points do I need?
Do I ensure additional cables are installed incase I need more access points?

Do you find you are also facing these questions? Stress no more! NDE are able to offer the ideal solution to this common issue, we are able to conduct a full heatmap survey, with this we are able to provide a 100% black spot guarantee, this means that if you discover an area isn’t being provided wireless coverage, we will install an additional access point, free of charge.

If you wish to discuss our wireless solutions in further detail, why not contact us? If you’re interested in a Ruckus Wireless solution of which Nene Data & Electrical Ltd are an authorised partner, why not take a look at our dedicated Ruckus Wireless page?

We have had the fortune to utilise the services of NDE since 2007, in particular, at the sites of our blue chip clients, where maintaining our reputation is of paramount importance to our business. The quality of the service offered by NDE, from expert guidance and advice in the early stages of a project, through to a thoroughly professional end product has always lived up to ours and our client’s expectations and often exceeded it. NDE always use excellent quality materials and testing equipment and all at competitive price enabling us to secure the work. And all closely monitored and well managed by Mark. A recent example being where NDE overhauled the entire copper and fibre Local Area Network at once of our client’s key manufacturing facilities with minimal disruption to production schedules, followed by welcome feedback from the factory manager to the client’s board of directors on a job very well done. We would thoroughly recommend their services to anyone.


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