Professional VoIP and Telephony Solutions Provider based in Northamptonshire

From traditional analogue phone systems to digital VoIP solutions, our engineers have experience keeping many companies connected to their customers

Nene Data & Electrical Ltd have been established since analogue systems were still widely installed. Because of this, all of our team fully understand how to maintain and troubleshoot their infrastructure.

Analogue telephone systems are still widely used in many large businesses within the United Kingdom, our engineers understand that they are vital to a businesses productivity and the importance of maintaining them is very high. Our engineers are highly experienced in adding to your existing analogue phone system, no matter how small or big the task with the least inconvenience caused to your employees.

The latest voice technology takes the previous analogue system and improves on it, it makes things that were previously prohibitively expensive for smaller businesses to afford, now in reach for them, this includes things such as hold music, hunt groups, and email voicemail delivery. However, with more technology becoming networked along with phone systems, it opens more doors for seamless integration, with the likes of access control solutions now being integrated with the phone system, however it does stop there! We can configure our Access Control solutions to integrate with your phone systems, enabling intercoms to dial a hunt group or specific extensions at certain times of the day. This ensures your clients and visitors are never left out in the cold when reception or security are not available. With the ability to provide access remotely from a touch of the handset button. With the integration of CCTV this process can be secured even further by providing a live feed of multiple cameras covering access areas, in a seamless process. Even in the event of no answer, your visitor can leave a voice mail message to let you know they called, never miss an opportunity again! However, let there be no need for no answer, simply installing a SIP application on many of today’s smart phones you can answer from anywhere in the world!

With an infrastructure designed, installed and supported by Nene Data & Electrical Ltd we can ensure that your customers enjoy the time on the phone to you and your employees.

We at Nene Data have vast experience in designing and delivering VOIP solutions and, therefore, our design engineers know exactly how to design a system suited for your business whether you have 10 employees or 10,000. Our team are also able to guide you through the transition to your new voice solution, and help you become fully familiarised with the VOIP solution, meaning your staff will have confidence in using the VOIP System from day one.

An exceptional company to work with, who have consistently delivered beyond expectations.


VoIP Solutions have slowly replaced legacy analogue systems, this is due to their greater flexibility as they do not require physical lines to be installed to the premises. This reduces costs of installation and cuts out line rental charges. They also greater increase the ability for features such as hold music, e-mail of voicemail messages and more, they can also integrate with access control systems. They should be the phone solution of choice for most new businesses due to the reduced cost and increased flexibility.


We were established whilst analogue phone systems were still installed and in high-demand. With their ability to be presented within a patch panel they allow for extensions to be moved between office locations easily. With their cheap upfront cost, they are very appealing to small businesses and start-ups however their on-going costs reduce the savings dramatically. If additional numbers, extensions, hold music, integration to a CRM, intercom or third party system is desired, VoIP is the ideal solution.


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