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We are experts at installing Category 5e, Category 6 and Category 6A copper networks, based in Northampton we have a team of professional design and installation engineers to tailor the ideal solution for your requirements.

The copper cabling is a fundamental aspect of any network, copper cabling based around the famous 4 pair twisted Category 5 style cable can serve a multitude of purposes in a network, with its ability to not only carry data, but also power, over the same cable, at the same time, gives it a huge range of benefits and uses, reducing costs by installing a single cable for power and data means it is ideal for deployments such as Wireless Access Points, VoIP Phone Systems, IP Camera Systems & Access Control Systems. Copper cabling is the ideal medium to save cost and yet still deploy up to 10Gb/s to a desk location.

Because of its wide range of applications, it is generally what you will find being provided at each desk position providing your staff with the connection to the rest of the network and the internet, due to this it is important to ensure that this link is designed for the future and is installed correctly.

We at Nene Data & Electrical Ltd are extremely proud of our in-house certified network design engineers, this allows us to design your network not only for today’s requirements but for the future, this is emphasised by the fact Nene Data & Electrical Ltd are able to provide a 25 year warranty with installed cabling solutions, this is only possible due to NDEs close working relationship with many cabling vendors such as Excel Networking, Hellermantyton, Connectix Cabling System and many more.

All installations of copper cabling are installed as per the cable vendors installation guidelines and are tested to stringent standards to ensure that you, the customer has a product that performs to the specification it was designed to.

So if you’re considering upgrading your current copper infrastructure or you need changes or additions why not contact us? And if that’s not enough to convince you, why not take a look at our copper cabling testimonials?

Nene Data & Electrical Ltd have been providing their services to us for the past 15 years. These services have ranged from small moves and changes to 2000-point cat 5e installation projects. As a company we pride ourselves on delivering projects to the highest of standards and this is where NDE prove themselves time and time again. Projects have always been delivered on time and budget. Mark Westley is a dedicated individual and has built a company with like-minded engineers that have the can do attitude.

Category 5e

Category 5e is a very cost effective cable for copper networking, due to its small cross-sectional area it is ideal for installation where high-density networking is required whilst utilising existing smaller containment systems. Providing up to gigabit speeds over distances of up to 100M it is ideal for most deployments where cost is a concern however it lacks several benefits over it’s successors such as it’s ability to dissipate heat and support larger transfer speeds.

Category 6

Category 6 boasts a bigger conductor size than Category 5e, it also provides a cross-sectional separator between each of the pairs, this helps to alleviate crosstalk. The cross-sectional separator is key due to the cables ability to support greater transfer speeds of up to 10Gb/s. Due to it’s larger conductor size, it is able to dissipate heat to a greater degree, this provides huge benefits with the increase in PoE demand.

Category 6A

Category 6A is a shielded cable that unlike Category 6 can provide speeds of up to 10Gb/s over distances of up to 100M, this makes it the best current choice for copper data centre deployments where transfer speed is key. The shielding also aids reduce alien crosstalk which is an issue that Category 6 cabling struggles with when pushing larger amounts of bandwidth. However due to it’s larger conductor size and shielding it also requires a larger cross-sectional area, this makes it much more difficult to install where containment is limited.


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