Ruckus Wireless – Simply Better Wireless

Nene Data & Electrical Ltd is proud to offer Ruckus Wireless solutions, Ruckus Wireless are a market leading wireless vendor with a wide range of features to suit the need of any organisation.

Ruckus solutions are always at the cutting edge of technology, being the first manufacturer to introduce adaptive antenna technology, BeamFlex; which is used to overcome RF interference changed the wireless market forever, however, it is only one of the many impressive features they offer with their product range.

Nene Data & Electrical Ltd are a Ruckus Approved Partner, this means we are able to provide you with a blackspot guarantee and free full wireless heat-map survey, this ensures that you will get the coverage you require. Our team of installation and technical engineers have been installing wireless solutions for the past 15 years, we understand the requirements that businesses face especially with todays growing bandwidth requirements.

Ruckus stand for Simply Better Wireless, their aim is to capture the requirement for high-bandwidth wireless and ensure that their products work during everyday life, to do this they utilise some of the following flagship features:

  • Dynamic-PSK – Dynamic-PSK is an ideal solution to an ever-growing security concern with wireless networks, D-PSK enhances the security of a normal Pre-Shared Key, each client is provided with their own single D-PSK, which is bound to the MAC address of the client. This means that even if a hacker were to crack a single client D-PSK, it would not expose other devices.
  • Zero-IT – Whilst Dynamic-PSK standalone is great by creating secure Pre-Shared Keys, controlling these, can become a headache for the IT Department, Zero-IT provides a secure onboarding portal, meaning the wireless network is secure and the IT Department have fewer headaches.
  • BeamFlex & BeamFlex+ – BeamFlex provides smart, compact adaptive antenna systems containing multiple elements that electrically manipulate antenna properties so as to create optimal antenna patterns for each device with which they communicate. BeamFlex+ is an enhancement to Ruckus BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology by providing adaptive support to mobile devices. BeamFlex+ enables antennas to adapt to client device orientation in addition to client device location.
  • ChannelFly – ChannelFly is a dynamic channel management technology in Ruckus Access Points, it improves wireless performance by dynamically switching a client to a better channel when the one it’s using starts to degrade. Many other vendor access points can provide this functionality, however, ChannelFly technology assesses all available channels to measure the real-world capacity improvement each one can provide before it directs the AP to switch channels.
  • SmartCast – SmartCast is a sophisticated Quality of Service (QoS) system, developed to maximise the performance of latency-sensitive devices on the wireless network, for example, VoIP or Video. SmartCast is based on patented technology that delivers a variety of capabilities such as packet inspection. This enables the system to automatically pre-queue and schedule wireless traffic to prioritise those performing latency-sensitive duties.

If you wish to discuss how the Ruckus Wireless product range can help you, contact us today and speak to one of our advisors.

Thanks for all your work this summer – sorry for all the extras/changes and issues at the start.  Jason, Sam and the guys did a great job as usual – very professional and an excellent standard of work.  Jason is excellent!


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