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Nene Data & Electrical Ltd are a Northampton based access control installer delivering high profile Paxton Access Control installations in a wide range of environments

Keys offer a layer of security to any organisation, but when one gets lost or stolen, locks need to be changed and keys reissued, this issue causes headaches for organisations of all sizes. But the issues with keys is not limited just to misplacement, once a door is unlocked it is usually left unsecured for the duration of the day, this makes it nearly impossible to understand who enters and leaves.

An access control system can eliminate these issues, with electronic locks installed you’ll never need to worry about keys again! With unique access tokens being issued to members of staff and visitors you can understand exactly where everyone is, and on loss or theft of a token all it takes is a few clicks to bar the credential!

Access control solutions are becoming ever increasingly feature rich, they are beginning to be able to integrate with IP CCTV Systems, Intruder Alarms, BMS and even HR Systems for time keeping.

Do you have to carry a huge keychain around each day? Remember which key is for which lock? Remember codes for secure areas? With an access control solution, there is no need, a single token can allow you access through each door and can be configured on a user-per-user basis allowing for complete control and trace-ability.

Nene Data & Electrical Ltd are a Northampton based approved Paxton Access Installer, with experience on installing all of their product range in a wide range of environments you can be sure we understand what solution would best fit your organisations needs. Paxton Access are a Brighton based market leading IP Access Control designer and manufacturer with over 30 years in the industry who are at the cutting edge of access control advances.

Paxton’s access control solution, Net2 comes with a huge feature set, however, it builds upon its base feature set with its ability to integrate with a huge range of market leading IP CCTV systems, 3rd party readers such as HID and iEvo, intruder alarms and even roll call systems. For this reason, you need not look any further than Paxton Access for your access control solution.

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An exceptional company to work with, who have consistently delivered beyond expectations.


Net2 Plus

Net2 is Paxton’s flagship access control solution, with an impressive feature base and a long list of third-party integrations it is one of the most powerful and feature rich controllers in the market today. It is centrally managed over the network, this makes it possible to even deploy and manage remote sites over a WAN enviroment. With an intuitive user friendly graphical interface, it is hit with everyone who uses it making training quick and easy.

Paxton Net2 Entry Panels


Net2 Entry is Paxton’s award winning intercom panel with its full-colour video camera, keypad and token reader this panel brings it all! With its ability to call not only up to 1,000 monitors but also integrate with SIP Phone systems it is the perfect door entry panel for any environment.

Net2 Paxlock


PaxLock by Paxton provides access control to doors that don’t justify a full installation. Replacing your current door handle with a wireless electronic PaxLock means it can be installed quickly with minimum disruption however still offers integration with Paxton’s flagship Net2 Range providing an audit trail and customised access rights.


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