IP CCTV Installation Northampton – Protecting your Assets and Workforce

Nene Data & Electrical Ltd are a Northampton based IP CCTV Solution provider, offering design, installation and maintenance.

IP CCTV Systems offer a large number of benefits, this includes their ability to deter criminals but also to provide a very valuable form of evidence should a crime be committed. It’s for these reasons that CCTV systems are being used more and more. IP CCTV systems offer huge functionality gains over traditional analogue systems and due to a combination of recent demand but also their maturity increasing, IP CCTV solutions are becoming increasingly cost effective for organisations, businesses and also domestic environments.

These systems offer increased image quality, however this surprisingly does not come at the cost of bandwidth. The increase in image quality also enables the likelihood of conviction from the footage. Due to their networked design, IP based systems also boast the ability to be able to be monitored, controlled and playback remotely.

However for businesses using an access control system, IP CCTV systems can offer integration, this helps to enforce anti-passback rules but also offers to aid security of secured areas. This functionality wasn’t possible with traditional closed circuit analogue systems due to their separate networking, however because IP based systems run on the same infrastructure as a variety of the other systems within organisations, including access control systems, this integration is now possible.

I’m a Project Manager for an IT company in Surrey and have been working within the structured cabling industry for 18 years. I am responsible for the successful delivery of large scale deployments and moves adds and changes contracts. I have worked with many contractors over the years and Nene Data and Electrical Ltd have shown themselves to be the most reliable, professional and capable organisation that I have used. Their committed approach to all projects is outstanding, with great focus on customer relations and project delivery. All work is carried out to the highest standard with all staff members prepared to go the extra mile ensuring project completion and customer satisfaction. Nene Data and Electrical Ltd enhance our business organisation and are a pleasure to work with.  Thanks.


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