Experts in Fibre Optic Installation & Certification based in Northamptonshire

Experts in Fibre Optic Installation & Certification based in Northamptonshire

Fibre optic cabling stands out from all other solutions to provide the most important aspect of any infrastructure, the backbone. However for this reason it is also the most important to be correctly designed and installed, with our years of experience you need not look elsewhere

The backbone of an infrastructure is possibly the most important aspect to any network, providing a pathway to the rest of the network to remote cabinets needs to be designed and installed correctly.

Fibre optic cables do not have the same limitations of a copper based cable, with their ability to support much higher bandwidth over much longer distances, it is the ideal medium to solve a problem frequently encountered. With an ever-growing demand for bandwidth, it is the perfect solution to interlink cabinets and buildings and ensure the bandwidth required is delivered. With its robust design and the ability for it to be installed externally but also internally, there are very little other alternatives that are better suited for its purpose.

If you’re currently looking at a fibre optic solution to solve your problems, yet are unsure on whether to choose multi-mode or single-mode, worry no more, our in-house CNIDP certified design engineers will be able to understand your organisations concerns and problems and design the best fibre optic solution for your needs. With our ability to not only carry out fusion splicing installations but also blown-fibre installations in a wide range of enviroments, from office blocks and warehouses to data centres.

All our fibre installations are fully certified by using calibrated tier 1 and tier 2 Fluke Networks certification equipment and we are pleased to be able to able to offer a 25 Year Warranty on each installation.

We also have the right tools to locate issues, certify existing fibres and to carry out repairs to fibre optic cabling.

If you need a new backbone infrastructure, an upgrade to an existing fibre, or your old copper links aren’t cutting the mustard, why not pick up the phone and call one of our advisors?

An exceptional company to work with, who have consistently delivered beyond expectations.

Single Mode Fibre

Single Mode fibre optic cabling consists of a much smaller core size than multimode fibre optic cabling, at only 9 microns in size there is only enough room for a single mode of light. This means that there are a lower amount of reflections which lowers attenuation. This allows the signal created to travel over a much larger distances unlike multimode. Due to it’s distance advantage, it is generally the choice for long distances between buildings and is what you will likely see down the side of motorways nationwide.

Multimode Fibre Optic

Multimode has a much larger core size than single mode, at 50 or 62.5 microns it is considerably bigger than singlemode. This allows for a greater number of modes of light, this also means there are greater reflections allowing for a greater amount of data transfer. However due to the increased attenuation it has a much shorter range of transfer. It is perfect choice for fibre optic cabling over short distances or where greater transfer and bandwidth is required.


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