Excel Category 6A Installation
Excel Category 6A Installation

Excel Networking is a world-class premium cabling vendor, designed, supported and delivered without compromise.

Nene Data & Electrical Ltd are a proud Excel Cabling Partner, this enables a 25 Year Manufacturer Backed Warranty to be issued on all Excel Cabling Installations

To enable for NDE to be an approved cabling partner, our installation engineers undergo extensive training and examination to ensure that they have a full understanding of Excels cabling system. All training and examination is performed by an independent training body and is refreshed every 12 months. This ensures all installation engineers are up to date with the latest products and standards.

Excels cabling system is understood to be world leading with a huge market share here in the United Kingdom and overseas, delivering premium performance end-to-end designed, manufactured and supported without compromise ensures that any customer who has excel supporting their infrastructure can rest assured their cabling infrastructure is at the cutting-edge.

Excel’s team consists of industry experts, this ensures that they surpass industry standards for quality and performance whilst keeping ease of installation. This also enables them to keep innovating towards the latest standards and keep their products constantly available and reliable.

To ensure their product range is always surpassing industry standards, Excel Networking work closely with third party verification certifiers such as Delta & 3P. The independent third party laboratory test Excels product range to all international standards under rigorous control, they also perform regular inspections on the manufacturing quality to ensure the quality never drops.

Over the last 6 years I have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed a close working relationship with the team at Nene Data & Electrical Ltd. We have worked together on many projects across the UK, and I have always admired the work ethic applied by each and every member of the team. Engineers are a knowledgeable and highly trained work force, while Mark heads up the company with the commitment and customer service that I feel is amongst the best in the industry. I cannot recommend NDE enough, you simply will not get a better product or service than that delivered by the team at NDE. Thank you for all your efforts and advice, and I look forward to a long and successful working relationship for many years to come.


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