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Nene Data & Electrical Ltd are Northamptonshires number one network solutions provider, and the only Northampton based company with a Certified Network Infrastructure Design Professional

The network infrastructure is a crucial element to any organisation, whether you’re a small or large business, primary education or higher; the importance of a high quality, resilient network is becoming increasingly greater. Our team have the experience of working on various high profile MOD, MOJ & NHS projects, and with new high profile projects for bluechip companies being undertaken every day, our team are always learning the newest technologies. NDE (Nene Data & Electrical Ltd) can provide a wide range of services, to explore these in further detail read below or read more on our services page.


Structured Copper Cabling

The copper cabling is a fundamental aspect of any network, copper cabling based around the famous 4 pair twisted Category 5 style cable can serve a multitude of purposes in a network, with its ability to not only carry data, but also power, over the same cable, at the same time, gives it a huge range of benefits and uses. With its ability to reduce costs by installing a single cable for power and data means it is ideal for deployments such as Wireless Access Points, VoIP Phone Systems, IP Camera Systems & Access Control Systems.

Fibre Optic Installation In Northampton


Fibre optic cables do not have the same limitations of a copper based cable, with their ability to support much higher bandwidth over much longer distances, it is the ideal medium to solve a problem frequently encountered. With an ever growing demand for bandwidth, it is the perfect solution to interlink cabinets and buildings and ensure the bandwidth required is delivered. With its robust design and the ability for it to be installed externally but also internally, there are very little other alternatives that are better suited for its purpose. If you’re building your backbone infrastructure, look no further than fibre optic cabling!

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Keys offer a layer of security to any organisation, but when one gets lost, how do you stop unauthorised people from gaining entry? Change the locks? Why not rule out the headache and install an access control solution. Our access control solutions rule out any headaches involved with misplacement of access credentials, which a few clicks you can deny access to an individual access credential! And that’s not all, ever increasing in features our access control solutions provide integrations with IP CCTV Solutions, BMS Systems and even HR Systems. Why not contact us today to understand how we can help you?


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